‘Wiphcam’ : Python App for Linksys’ IP Cameras

Wiphcam (Wireless IP Home CAMera)

Wiphcam is a program written in python & wxpython using the python-vlc bindings to be able to watch and / or record sound and video from the Wireless-G WVC54GCA* Linksys Internet Home monitoring camera.

*Perhaps it works with other models too. Contact me if you test one successfully!


  • Watch (play | pause | stop | change volume | mute)
  • Record to a file with or without watching
  • Load / Save configuration in a file
  • Encryption of the password in the configuration file
  • Log file


Main window (watching tab)

Main window (recording tab)

Main window (menu)


Download file (41.5KB) from http://code.google.com/p/wiphcam/.


  1. Use the newest python (ctypes based) bindings from http://liris.cnrs.fr/advene/download/python-ctypes/
  2. Rewrite the app using pygtk instead of wxpython to take advantage of vlcwidget.py which provides a pygtk VLCWidget() to ease integration.

*feel free to contribute 🙂


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